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Reaper Bones review #203: Necropolis Ghast

Painted and unpainted pictures of the Necropolis Ghast.
Painted and unpainted pictures of the Necropolis Ghast.

Necropolis Ghast


Somewhere along the line, the term "ghast" became a smellier version of a ghoul. This is an attribute unique to Gygax, who was always fond of creating a sort of natural hierarchy amongst bizarre critters. As Wikipedia explains:

The ghast is similar to the ghoul, but is distinguished by its monstrously foul and supernaturally nauseating stench. It is also more powerful than a standard ghoul; even elves can fall victim to a ghast's paralytic touch. It very closely resembles its undead cousins, but is far more deadly and cunning. Like ghouls, ghasts speak whatever language they did in life (usually Common). They are chaotic evil in alignment.

Ghasts, then, are basically ghouls with really bad body odor. Judging by his upraised arms, this guy looks like he's a pretty fart smella -- I mean smart fella.

That said, Reaper seems to be trying to classify James van Schaik's sculpt even further by identifying where the ghast hangs out: in a necropolis. Is there really that much of a different amongst ghasts? Do ghasts from necropolises eat different kinds of people from regular ghasts? Who knows.

This is a decent sculpt, but there's so many fanged, clawed types out there that there's not much to distinguish him. I used the standard dead flash paint. His mouth is open which makes for some fun painting of his tongue, and his claws are wicked-long enough to stand out.

You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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