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Reaper Bones review #201: Owlbear

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Ah, the owlbear. It's one of those monsters that simply doesn't make any sense -- of all the creatures to combine, an owl and a bear seem like the least likely. And yet the name stuck, which was inspired by a plastic toy from China, which in turn was taken from one of Ultraman's Kaiju foes (my vote is on Bemstar, who appeared around that time and is rather owl-looking). Because of its ridiculous anatomy, sculptors are always trying to improve on the owlbear's form. Sculptor Jason Wiebe does his best, but the result ends up being awkward.

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Owlbears have been with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons since the first Monster Manual and they always had three attacks (claw, claw, bite). Wiebe interprets this as three claw attacks, which means the owlbear is essentially leaping on its opponent. It sounds ferocious but looks awkward in bonesium format, as it makes the owlbear a bit warped. Kudos for trying to create a dynamic sculpt, but it's not quite the owlbear most game masters might expect. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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