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Reaper Bones review #189: Ragnaros, Evil Warrior

Painted pictures of Ragnaros, Evil Warrior.
Painted pictures of Ragnaros, Evil Warrior. Michael Tresca

Ragnaros, Evil Warrior


Spikes, skulls, and fangs are nature's way of saying "STAY AWAY!" Which is why most people probably give Ragnaros a very wide berth.

Built with the proportions of a gorilla, single-handedly holding a massive blade with a deep blood groove, and even a shield that looks like it will bite you, it's clear that Ragnaros isn't here to make friends. His armor is so menacing that even his helmet's horns are in on it, protruding forward to gore his enemies.

Need an evil warrior? Ragnaros is the real deal. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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