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Reaper Bones review #180: Oswald the Overladen

Oswald the Overladen


In early editions of Dungeons & Dragons, it was fashionable to hire somebody to carry your stuff. These guys were known as hirelings, and they pretty much were the most abused class of non-player characters in the game. PCs inevitably put them in the lead, overburdened them with equipment, and then let them die mercilessly to pit traps, spike traps, acid traps, poison traps, you name it. They were the red shirts of D&D. Oswald is a card-carrying member.

Painted and unpainted.

The only thing missing from Bobby Jackson's sculpt is a companion piece in which Oswald has no equipment at all (not even a sword) in which he looks nervously over his shoulder as he steps tentatively into the inevitable abyss. Because no adventurer worth his coin will use the same hireling who carries his stuff to test traps...unless he puts it down first.

You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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