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Reaper Bones review #177: Well of Chaos

Well of Chaos


Are you tired of your well dispensing liquids in an orderly and boring fashion? Do you crave the unpredictable nature of a chaotic cascade of fluids? Would you prefer to have a creepy head stare at you as you take a drink? Then you're in luck!

Painted and unpainted.

The Well of Chaos is guaranteed to dispense liquids chaotically. The tentacled head, inspired by Cthulhu (Ia! Ia!) smiles benevolently as you drink, because only suitable sacrifices drink from something with the word "Chaos" in the title. But don't take our word for it, try it out yourself!

Well of Chaos Generator (1d20)

  • 1-8: Turns lawful characters touching it to stone as per flesh to stone spell and chaotic characters into iron as the iron body spell as cast by the character's level. Characters who are neither lawful or chaotic have a 50% chance of either effect.
  • 9-15: Chaotic characters gain 1d3 to one ability (determined randomly). Lawful characters take 1d3 ability damage (determined randomly). Characters who are neither lawful or chaotic have a 50% chance of either effect.
  • 16-17: Talking head grants a wish to chaotic character and inflicts 1d20 points of damage to everyone else.
  • 18-20: Teleport to the surface, but chaotic characters consider the location very familiar, lawful characters consider the location a false destination, and neutral characters consider the location as viewed once.

You can purchase the well at Amazon.

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