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Reaper Bones review #176: Altar of Evil

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Altar of Evil


Do you sometimes find yourself with a wicked-looking knife and nobody to sacrifice? Do you crave the hearts of the unborn but don't have a place to retrieve them? Is your demon lord and master demanding sacrifices every week, and hey it's not like you have a cover identity that allows you to serve up the succulent maidens he keeps asking for, and really you're pretty sure you've run out of maidens and now you've been sacrificing some folks who haven't been a maiden for a very long time...but you don't have a clean surface to sacrifice them on? Well have we got an altar for you!

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The altar of evil by Bob Olley comes with not one, not two, but FOUR skulls. That's right, if you call right now, you can get four skulls included with the altar absolutely free! But wait, there's MORE: The altar has a skull motif along the side and a helpful cubby to store torture and/or sacrificial tools. All this can be yours for just $2.59!*

* Altar of Evil does not include sacrifice. Altar is not a guarantee of Evil and no Evil is implied by purchase. Demon lord may not accept sacrifice. Keep out of reach of children.

You're just one click away from sacrificing immediately, ORDER NOW!

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