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Reaper Bones review #175: Vault and Lid

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Vault and Lid


Every vampire needs a vault, and Bob Ridolfi's sculpt does the trick. Originally created as part of the vampiress set, it's a gothic-looking sarcophagus ("vault" seems a bit of an oversimplification). On the top is a series of skulls intertwined with roses. The sides have hooded figures with hidden skulls, roses, and what can only be described as occult-looking runes. The lid comes off, and fits nicely with the rest of the sarcophagus.

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There's just one problem: it's not entirely clear who is going to fit in the sarcophagus. This is a common problem, because the height of a miniature standing is not necessarily equal to the length of a miniature laid flat. Or to put it another way, despite the fact that the sarcophagus is about 1-inch wide by 2-inches long, a mummy from another set only fit diagonally within it. For diminutive vampires only.

You can purchase this vault as part of the vampiress set at Amazon.

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