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Reaper Bones review #174: Treasure

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Sometimes, you just need a pile of treasure. This is one of those things that sounds good in practice when you're making a sculpt, but in actual play doesn't come up that often -- treasure tends to be either in something, like an urn, or it's a massive amount, like a dragon's hoard. You don't often need treasure's identification on a map, since it's not usually relevant to a combat situation -- unless of course there's a magic item buried in it that a desperate character (villain or hero!) might try to use in the heat of battle.

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This particular treasure has three items of interest: a treasure chest, a sword, and a lamp. Now, treasure chests are de facto requirements for loot, so that elevates the utility of this pile of treasure in dungeons -- it's easier to use as a chest overflowing with gold than just a chest or a treasure pile alone. The sword is pretty standard too; could be magical, could just be a broken sword hilt sticking out of the pile. But the lamp? That's definitely a genie lamp. A wishing lamp. The kind an adventurer might lunge across a room for if he thought it would grant him a wish. And that makes this treasure set more useful than just your typical pile of junk.

You can purchase this set as part of the vampiress set at Amazon.

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