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Reaper Bones review #162: Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate

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Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate


It's telling how different Gruff Grimecleaver is from Mariel Twinspar. With Gruff, I know immediately who he is and what he does. With Mariel...well, I guess there are two...spars involved? Mariel stands around looking pretty, but she looks more like a model dressed in pirate clothes than an actual pirate.

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Mariel does have one part of her attire that definitely makes her unique. She's missing an eye. This immediately makes her a little cooler; with a scimitar resting on her hip she has an Elle Driver-vibe from "Kill Bill" thing going on. Not my favorite sculpt for a female pirate (Finaela is much better). You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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