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Reaper Bones review #160: Gruff Grimecleaver

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Gruff Grimecleaver


When you have a name like Gruff Grimecleaver, you pretty much know what you're going to get: he's probably not a nice person and he hacks things up with some sort of edged weapon. In that regard, Gruff Grimecleaver does not disappoint.

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But Jason Wieb's sculpt isn't just a dirty chef, oh no! He smokes a pipe, he wears a bandanna on his head, and given that he has a peg leg, he's probably a pirate. In fact, Gruff Grimecleaver is so gross-looking you have to wonder if he cleaved his own leg and served it up to somebody he really didn't like. Or worse, maybe someone he DID like.

Gruff looks like he'll shoot you as quickly as he'd make you a meal -- or perhaps both, in which case you are the meal. An excellent pirate chef sculpt. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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