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Reaper Bones review #158: Seelah, Iconic Female Paladin

Seelah, Iconic Female Paladin


Wayne Reynold's (WAR) design of Seelah broke two fantasy archetype molds: a dark-skinned female warrior wearing sensible armor. Unlike some of the other iconics, Todd Harris' sculpt largely doesn't alter Seelah's pose, with two important exceptions: she's holding the shield a little differently (it appears in WAR's drawing that it's dangling from her arm), and she is wielding her holy weapon above her head.

Concept art and sculpts of Seelah.
Wayne Reynolds

The only problem with Seelah's pose is that she's holding her helmet in the other hand. This doesn't exactly make her combat ready, but that's okay. Seelah is more an inspirational pose, and with her sword held high it only reinforces her noble stance. A great sculpt of a sensible woman warrior. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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