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Reaper Bones review #155: Feiya, Iconic Witch

Feiya, Iconic Witch


Although Pathfinder uses the word "iconic" to describe a character that is typical of a particular class -- a holdover from Dungeons & Dragons, who later dropped the practice -- it's easy to get confused with popular nouns like "witch." Strictly speaking, an iconic witch probably should have green skin, buckle shoes, a pointed hat, and a broom. Julie Guthrie will have none of that.

Concept art and sculpt of Feiya.
Wayne Reynolds

Wayne Reynolds (WAR) created Feiya as a cross between a white-haired hippy and a Victorian strumpet. She wears very trendy stockings, a leather bustier, and lots of dangly bits made of bones. As usual, when WAR creates a character, he spares no detail. This makes it very difficult to recreate the character as a sculpt. Unlike some of the other iconics, Guthrie's sculpt adhered very closely to Feiya's original drawing, and that means it's quite the challenge to paint. Also, without the fox, she seems less witchy and more druid-y.

A unique sculpt for sure, but a little too unique if you're not using Feiya in your game. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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