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Reaper Bones review #152: Amiri, Iconic Female Human Barbarian

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Amiri, Iconic Female Human Barbarian


Amiri is one of Pathfinder's many iconic characters, picking up where Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 left off. Iconics have been sorely lacking of late, and they embody an opportunity to easily summarize what a class or race is all about just by looking at them. And Amiri's case, it's apparently watching a lot of anime.

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Amiri, created by Wayne Reynolds (WAR), has all the trademarks of WAR, including a lack of visible ankles or wrists. She wears impractical piecemeal armor that leaves her stomach vulnerable, which seems like a bad idea -- but it's okay, she's a barbarian. The real issue though isn't her poor clothing choice but her massive blade that's bigger than her.

Amiri's not a bad sculpt, but there's nothing about her that screams barbarian. That's not the fault of the sculpt so much as WAR's, but it still makes for a curious sculpt. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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