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Reaper Bones review #149: Spider Swarm

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Spider Swarm


The first problem with any swarms in Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 is that they are all ten-feet square. This means that all miniatures that are swarms are not as large as they should be, because 1) the sculptor probably got tired, and 2) it's a solid mass of costly plastic/metal to create the miniature. In short, most miniatures fall far short of being suitable for use in D&D.

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NOTE: See comments below for clarification on swarms.

This spider swarm doesn't deviate from that formula. As a swarm, it's only 1-inch. But it's filled with cute spiders of all sorts, including one little spider piggybacking on a larger one. For a spider swarm, it's rather adorable.

Swarms this miniature can represent include fire spiders (Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land), tomb spiders (Monster Manual 4), and regular spiders (Monster Manual).

Not particularly scary but a fun sculpt nonetheless. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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