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Reaper Bones review #146: Dust Scorpion

Reaper Bones Scorpions.
Reaper Bones Scorpions.Reaper

Dust Scorpion


I have no idea what a dust scorpion is. I like to think that it's probably something foreigners who aren't native to the desert call scorpions, because they crawl around in the sand (AKA dust). Despite their curious name, there's definitely a distinct lack of normal-looking scorpions. Your choices from the Dungeons & Dragons miniature line include the much-too-large Hellstinger Scorpion, the bright purple medium-sized Stormclaw Scorpion, and the large Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion. Is a normal scorpion too much to ask?

Reaper Bones's Dust Scorpion is the answer. You get two, they're medium-sized, and you can paint them whatever color you like. You can purchase these miniatures at Amazon.

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