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Reaper Bones review #114: Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue

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Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue


4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons brought about a new demand for sculpts that feature tieflings, and the "Hellborn" are Reaper's answer. Tiviel is dungeonpunk at its finest: tight leather pants, a half-shirt displaying her belly button ring, and adorable horns. She wields a wicked-looking dagger in each hand. Her long tail has a feathery quality to it, which adds to her appeal.

Derek Schubert's Tiviel doesn't look like the hard-nosed type to survive in a dungeon -- she looks more like a model than an adventurer -- but the sculpting style matches artwork from the Planescape-style genre.

You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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