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Reaper Bones review #103: Colossal Skeleton

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Colossal Skeleton


I have absolutely no use for Reaper's cheesecake mascot, Sophie, in just about any miniature form -- with the exception of Reaper's most recent Kickstarter -- so I switched her out in Reaper's Bones Kickstarter to get this colossal skeleton. I thought long and hard about this, and the reason I picked the skeleton was because there's very few painted miniatures like it. The other Reaper Bones choices were miniatures I could get elsewhere: I have a Cthulhu action figure that can't be beat, plenty of dragons (undead or otherwise), and I can purchase a prepainted remorhaz if I'm so inclined. But you just don't find a lot of colossal skeletons.

This sculpt could easily have been boring. Sculptor Jason Wiebe made this horrifying beast a headhunting monstrosity; several of its trophies dangle from its waist, including a human head, a skull, and an orc head. There's a severed hand dangling from its back, and what looks like several banners drooping from its belt. The colossal skeleton has seen some action too; a broken sword hilt just from its rib cage. Interspersed throughout the giant corpse are pieces of wood tied together to shore up its structure, a magical warhammer on one arm, and it even wields a gravestone as a weapon. In short, this isn't just a very large skeleton, it's a skeleton that FEELS colossal.

I've even found use for a miniature like this in a campaign: Castle Amber features an undead colossus.

You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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