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Reaper Bones review #102: Mr. Bones

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Mr. Bones


With the exception of the kobold skeleton from one of the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures set, small humanoid skeletons are a rare sight in miniature form. This is likely because nobody cares about a small skeleton, which is only slightly less brittle than an already weak normal skeleton. Mr. Bones is here to dispel this myth.

Bones -- that's MISTER BONES to you! -- looks means enough. He holds a shovel in one hand, he points with the other, and a noose dangles from his waist. But his cute lil bony feet stick out from beneath his cloak, and although he's trying to point to his next victim, it's also possible he's picking out a lollipop.

At heart, Mr. Bones is writing checks his bony body probably can't cash. That doesn't make him any less useful if you happen to be facing a 20th-level true necromancer halfling.

You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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