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Reaper Bones review #101: Ellen Stone, Cowgirl

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Ellen Stone, Cowgirl


"Howdy partners! The name's Ellen Stone, and I'm the rootin', tootin', best shootin' cowgal in the Wild West -- Hey! My eyes are up here!

"Ahem. Where was I? Aw shucks, yeah, sculptor Bob Ridolfi did a fine job moldin' my likeness, although he could have done a bit of a better job in the clothes department...

"You're lookin' at my chest, ain'tcha? Keep that up and you'll have one less eye tah look with.

"That's better. Now being a cowgirl ain't easy. Also, is it cold in here? Kinda chilly...

"You're not paying attention to a single word I just said, are ya? Ya know what? Forget it! I'm gonna go put on a sensible sweater..."

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