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Reaper Bones review #100: Rosie, Chronotechnician

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Rosie, Chronotechnician


If I were to guess, Rosie is the gal pal who makes all the equipment that lets Sascha Dubois and Andre Durand chase time around. You can tell she's a technician by the work gloves and apron she wears, although she apparently isn't smart enough to put on anything other than a half-shirt. Reaper's web site has pictures of Rosie wielding a big wrench instead of a gun, which would make a heck of a lot more sense.

But alas, the final impression is that a cute model was given some work clothes and a big gun and told to stand next to machinery. Rosie looks too futuristic to create steampunk time travel technology, too poorly outfitted to actually stand up in a firefight to justify the giant gun in one hand, and too underdressed to be taken seriously by everyone else.

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