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realMyst: Masterpiece Edition review

One of the island's markers.  What purpose do they serve? Play the game to find out!
One of the island's markers. What purpose do they serve? Play the game to find out!
Ken Kriho

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition


realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is a remake of realMyst, which in turn is a remake of the original Myst, and was released on February 5th, 2014. The game was developed by Cyan and published by Ubisoft. The story follows The Stranger (namely, you) onto an island named Myst after placing his hand on the book of the same name. With no choice but to explore, The Stranger has to solve the mystery as to what has happened to its creator, Atrus.

Graphics-The graphics in this game are gorgeous. Everything looks beautiful in 3d, the sunset/sunrise transitions are well done (and look great), and each age looks unique in its own way. The idea of keeping the original footage of Sirrus and Achenar was a smart move.

Sound-While it is a nice touch to keep the original soundtrack, there should’ve been an option for a more modern retake, but this isn’t a big issue.

Gameplay-The gameplay can now be played in one of two ways; either classic (point and click) or free roam. Both respond very well, and the flashlight feature is a nice touch (especially useful in finding hard to find areas). The puzzles themselves remain the same, but a new age is added; the Rime Age, which extends gameplay a little bit.

Replay Value-If you’ve played Myst before, you can easily beat this game in an afternoon. Adding one new age isn’t enough. If there were two or three more ages, then the game would be set (Riven tease?)

Overall-If you haven’t played Myst before, and have a modern computer, this game is for you. The developers really took a lot of time in details, and the end result pays off. The only drawback is the price: $17.99 is a bit excessive, but how well liked this game is worth more than the price itself.

Score: 4/5

You can get realMyst: Masterpiece Edition from Steam

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