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Realms of Chaos review

The episode screen.  Note: While the game is three episodes, they continue following the end of the last stage.
The episode screen. Note: While the game is three episodes, they continue following the end of the last stage.
Ken Kriho

Realms of Chaos


Realms of Chaos is a fantasy side scrolling game released in 1995. The game was developed and published by Apogee Software. The story follows Endrick and Elandra, sibling heroes for hire, discover that darkness has spread all over Mysteria, and Myraal, the realm of the cat people and the Goblin Realm has ceased all ties to the humans. It is up to Endrick and Elandra to find the source and destroy the evil shadow once and for all.

Realms of Chaos title
Ken Kriho

Graphics-The environment, scenery, enemies, animations and characters are all well done. The animation is very smooth, scenery and enemies look great and the environment looks beautiful.

Sound-The soundtrack is only average at best. That’s not to say there aren’t any good songs, as there are quite a few, but the production could have been better. The sound effects are your average grunts and groans. The ambience really adds to the environment and brings the atmosphere together. The voices the characters and bosses have are also average.

Gameplay-The idea of switching characters is a good idea because there are some levels that benefit one character. This also works by having one character make progress until they’re down to one life, switch out, find a potion, give it to the weaker character, and then continue. Speaking of the characters, each one plays differently, as Endrick specializes in close quarter combat and is stronger, but can’t move as fast or jump as well as Elandra. Elandra herself has fireballs, better mobility and jumping, but can’t take as much punishment as Endrick can. Along the way, players can find treasure and potions in statues and defeated enemies. Also along the way, players can pick up gems which act as currency (and ammo for Elandra), which can be used to “purchase” power ups, which range from weapon power up to invincibility.

Missed opportunities-If there’s one thing that this game would’ve benefited from, it would’ve been an option to play co-op. This is something that should’ve been added. Another concept that would’ve worked is if one character died, then the player would automatically play as the other. To add more, a rescue mission to save the downed character would’ve made the game better. These would’ve made the game more interesting.

Overall-Realms of Chaos is one of Apogee’s better games, and is worth checking out.

Score: 4/5

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