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Review: RealBeanz enhanced classic iced coffee drink

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Did you know? “Each bottle of RealBeanz contains 100% natural ingredients, no artificial flavorings, colorings, sweeteners or preservatives.”

vitamin enhanced iced coffee
Tradina DeMary, RealBeanz
RealBeanz for two
Tradina DeMary

I was recently introduced to RealBeanz, which is basically a new approach to the classic iced coffee drink. According to the product fact sheet this beverage was created with premium brewed coffee, tasty flavors and enhanced with vitamins & potent herbs to enhance your mind, body and above all, taste.

As an experienced taste tester, I received all seven flavors of RealBeanz iced coffee to test & review including regular, decaf and diet blends.

Yes, you can find any RealBeanz iced coffee drink to fit your mood. “A taste of Brooklyn in a bottle,” is what you can expect with flavors & herbs such as coconut, lemon, green tea, caramel, fiber, ginseng, chocolate and cinnamon; just to name a few.

Upon receiving my shipment of product; I must say, I was impressed with the overall package design which resembled a large postcard with a drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge such cool points for that. I originally was tempted to taste the Vanilla Nut Relax decaffeinated iced coffee drink. Nevertheless, I opted for the iced coffee Caramel Focus flavor which is said to ‘bring out the Einstein in you.’ I can definitely state this beverage made me feel more alert and on point during my day full of research and writing.

“Brooklyn in a Bottle” aka RealBeanz is definitely loaded with vitamins. The next day, I started my day with the energizing cappuccino, indulged in a refresh dark roast with coconut water in the afternoon and ended my day with relaxing vanilla nut.

I enjoyed this RealBeanz experience and would defiantly add this ice coffee to my drinks of choice. This is a beverage that’s convenient, and also gives you a refreshing boost no matter what time of the day it is? For more information on trying this trending beverage product, click here.

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