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'Real Men (1987)' Movie Review: I'm thirsty

Movie Review: Real Men (1987)

'Real Men (1987)'


C.I.A. Agent Nick Pirandello (James Belushi) is on a secret mission. The original agent is taken out of the equation and Nick must do his best to complete it. Problem is Nick is a very unorthodox agent. Now Nick had to find a map that tells of where a meeting in Washington is going to take place. Nick has to find a look alike for the agent that was taken out. In comes one Bobby Wilson (John Ritter) a man who can't even get back his sons bike from a bunch of punks.

Nick eventually catches up with Bobby and explains that his country needs him that he is the spot on look alike and that these people will only deal with him. Eventually Bobby says that he will go, but reluctantly. As they are leaving the house for a cross country trek to Washington they are getting shot at by Russians.

Everywhere they turn the two men are getting shot at. At first Booby is worthless in these gun fights but by the time they reach Washington he is right there with Nick fighting the bad guys. About half way to Washington Bobby wants to know what he is risking his life for. The answer is simply, a glass of water. That if these Aliens don't get a single glass of water that the Earth will die within five years. The Aliens will help the Earth but they need a glass of water and since Bobby looks like the original agent he must save the planet by being the go between.

Director Dennis Feldman brings this silly comedy/science fiction film to us and gives us one zany film. Ritter and Belushi actually pull this one off. In the beginning of the film it makes you wonder if the film is worth watching but in the end you really feel good about the movie. This is a must see film.