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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion part 3, episode 25; recap and review

The RHOA ladies (minus Porsha) had a a lively, but not so loving reunion part 3
The RHOA ladies (minus Porsha) had a a lively, but not so loving reunion part 3
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Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion part III


Last night was the explosive reunion part three of BravoTV’s hit show ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ (RHOA). Fortunately, this time no actual physical violence erupted. Here are some of the highlights. Andy Cohen spent a huge chunk of time going back and forth between NeNe and Kenya regarding the tainted three-way friendship that went left when Margo entered the pictured. At one point Cohen had both of his fingers in his ears (a la toddlers) when NeNe and Kenya were screeching over his head.

About the only thing these two women have in common is, as Andy said, they are both six feet tall. NeNe does seem to demand patriotic-like loyalty from her minions, I mean friends. It does put you in the mind of elementary school where if your best friend had a falling out with someone then that meant that you too had to break off all ties with that person.

NeNe insisted that her falling out with Margo had nothing to do with the ‘irrelevant’ Kenya Moore-Wh___ (rhymes with Moore). NeNe and and Phaedra love calling Kenya this, maybe they are lovers of rhyming poetry. But NeNe was a little taken aback when Cynthia, who was on the three-way call with NeNe and Margo, said that she heard NeNe basically say that Margo was free to roll with Kenya, but if she did, keep it over there and don’t come back NeNe’s way.

The other big dust up was another three-way involving Apollo, Phaedra, and Kenya. Southern belle Phaedra has got to be the queen of the reads. She cut Kenya to the bone marrow while barely raising her voice above a whisper. Kenya told Phaedra that at least she didn’t have a husband that was a criminal. Of course that drew Phaedra’s classical response that Kenya doesn’t have a husband at all.

But then Phaedra, being the newly-graduated mortician that she is, delivered the death blow that visibly pierced Kenya. She said that for all Kenya knew her sperm donor could turn out to be an axe murderer or a child molester. Phaedra continued that the only thing Kenya would know for sure about him is that he needed $10 to get a pizza, so he ejaculated into a cup so Kenya could have a baby. They have called Kenya the motor mouth that doesn’t shut down, but Phaedra shut Detroit city motors down…crickets.

Apollo was just as hard on Kenya. After all of the innocent flirting they’re done, Apollo now seems to have nothing but disdain for Kenya. He told Kenya that she needs to thank him for a job because for two years he has been her story line. He said she’d better hope he doesn’t go to jail because he made her.

He said that if he does go to jail he will make sure that she gets his post office box number so that she can put some money in his commissary. Innocent Andy injected “in your what?” Come on Andy keep up with the cell block lingo. But you live and you learn. Then Apollo told Kenya “you need to get your toenails done, they’re dirty.” That’s personal, no longer just business. But still, why was he looking that closely? And why didn’t the normally quick to respond Kenya deny that she would put money in his commissary? So many questions, so little time.

It’s still unclear if anything ever happened between Apollo and Kenya beyond a few texts and a pick-her-up-and-throw-her-in-the-pool play fest. For the family’s sake it’s hoped that it did not. But the exchange did reek of a bitter breakup or betrayal. Priceless moment of the night was when Peter, accused of being in the women’s business too much, bit into a juicy Georgia peach, and said “give me my peach.” Cynthia seems to have lost her love for all of the drama of RHOA, however Peter is just getting started and seems to be loving it from the fruit to the pit in the middle.