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Real Homes book is a real treat

Real Homes: Inspiration Beyond Style
Courtesy of Thames & Hudson

Real Homes: Inspiration Beyond Style, by Solvi dos Santos and text by Phyllis Richardson


Real Homes: Inspiration Beyond Style

We’ve all seen the stylized magazine photo serials of beautiful homes—rooms created by interior designers that are carefully pieced-together rooms that aim to be devoid of clutter, perfect in every detail, with pillows pumped and posed. This book, Real Homes: Inspiration Beyond Style, is not that.

Real Homes, created by stunning photographs from Solvi dos Santos—a lifestyle photographer—with text by Phyllis Richardson is a treat. These are real homes where people use creative objects to find inspiration and comfort in quite original interiors.

The home featured are representations from Africa, Asia, America and Europe. There is, as it says in the introduction, a reverence for tradition, but it is also a completely original pictorial of what people use to fulfill the fundamental requirements of everyday life, yet while using objects and design that they are still able to cleave to for private beauty and expression.
We see in Real Homes, furnishings that have more personal value and a place of pride, rather than a display of ordered consumerism. In these rooms are a juxtaposition of modern with natural, and also traditional elements balanced against modern hues. While the rooms are not wholly formal, they are totally inviting—yet not meant to be copied.

This book is a fine adventure and you will find the need for repeated visits if only to peruse the collections that people house; you will begin to feel an appreciation for individual design and choice.

Real Homes: Inspiration Beyond Style, by Solvi dos Santos and text by Phyllis Richardson. Thames & Hudson, ISBN: 978-0-500-51686-7. $50 hardcover retail.