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Reagle Music Theatre's musical 'Me and My Girl' a hilarious romp in high society

me and my girl musical


Combine the sophistication of ‘Downton Abbey,’ a dash of ‘My Fair Lady,’ and ample show stopping choreography and humor and what results is the refreshing, beautiful, and heartily funny musical, ‘Me and My Girl’ at the Reagle Music Theatre, 617 Lexington Street in Waltham, Massachusetts, continuing its run through Sunday, July 20! Visit for more information.

Joshua Holden as Bill Snibson and Jamie Buxton as Sally Smith
Joshua Holden as Bill Snibson and Jamie Buxton as Sally Smith
Courtesy of Reagle Music Theatre of Greater Boston

From its authentic, eye popping costumes, detailed sets, and flowing choreography that creates a visually stunning portrait in every scene to an uplifting cast, Reagle Music Theatre of Greater Boston brings to life the award-winning musical comedy, ‘Me and My Girl.’

‘Me and My Girl’ is a romantic, feel good musical which serves as lighter fare as part of Reagle Music Theatre of Greater Boston’s 46th summer season, following the success of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s stirring, Pulitzer-prize winning, ‘South Pacific.’

Set in the late 1930s in different sections of England, ‘Me and My Girl’ tells the story of British cockney Bill Snibson, portrayed with brilliant comic timing by Joshua Holden, as he learns he is the 14th heir to the Earl of Hereford, but he must participate in a comedic gamble in order to inherit an outrageous fortune. Anglophiles will especially enjoy some of the cultural references in this savvy story.

Kicking off the production with a joyous overture, the orchestra, conducted by Jeffrey P. Leonard, does more than accompany the story. The orchestra pops, whistles and embellishes the action, using a wide array of unique instruments including an accordion.

The set pieces rotate and the richly detailed, eye popping color scheme flow seamlessly with authentic costumes from Kansas City Costumes, adding depth and dimension to the already spacious Robinson stage. For example, during the number ‘The Sun Has Got Her Hat On,’ floral dresses blend with a gorgeous outdoor setting, while lighting evokes a broad, compelling sky. See the slideshow for a closer look at the cast and sets!

Each member of the cast portray their own brand of humor, however, Bill Snibson, played by Joshua Holden, is effervescent and a charismatic scene stealer, while the audience anxiously awaits what he will do next. Through his quick improvisational instincts and sharp, non-verbal comic timing, he strikes a subtle resemblance to triple threat Gene Kelly.

Sally Smith is portrayed with plucky innocence and offbeat charm by Jamie Buxton. Her singing voice has a distinct belt reminiscent of Bette Midler, especially in the number, ‘Once You Lose Your Heart.’ Sally Smith and Bill have a like-minded and endearing chemistry, partly due to some dazzling choreography during the title number and ‘The Lambeth Walk.’

Maria the Dutchess, portrayed by Carole Healey, is the picture of refinement and sophistication, with a biting wit. Her graceful, swaying walk and seemingly cordial smile is perfectly cast, a true “lady of the manor.” Sir John, portrayed by Rishi Basu, through his deep voice and broad frame, has a commanding, yet refined presence, but with a soft side. His scenes with Jamie Buxton are especially touching.

Directed and choreographed by Cynthia Thole, musically directed by Daniel Rodriguez with music and lyrics by L. Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber, the choreography in ‘Me and My Girl’ is dynamic, great fun, and at times, completely unexpected. Cynthia Thole is versatile in her use of space and the wide range of choreography spans from rhythmic spoons to tap! This lively show also has subtle, surprising nuances like a seeming moving carriage, weaved throughout the production.

See ‘Me and Girl’ in the air-conditioned Robinson Theatre, 617 Lexington Street in Waltham, Massachusetts through July 20. Every intermission offers a rare treat, Lizzy’s ice cream, which is a local favorite. Call 781-891-5600 or click here for further details and for tickets!