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Ready or Not exhibit is showcased at Newark Museum

Ready or Not Exhibit


A recent trip to Jazz in the Garden afforded me the opportunity to tour Newark Museum's current exhibits. One such exhibit is Ready or Not. It showcases works from New Jersey-based artists during different stages in their careers. Everything on display vary in style and process. It is a great exhibit to bring your children to and explore.

Petri Island Project on display.
syreeta springer

The Ready or Not exhibit is part of the New Jersey Arts Annual, which is a series of exhibits highlighting visual artists in New Jersey. It is in partnership with other major museums throughout the state to showcase the work. The works are quite amazing and incorporate everything from photos to sculptures to technological displays.

What was more fascinating is the fact that one of the displays in the Ready or Not exhibit is the Petri Island Project. Now this is cool! It is an interactive display in which you get to design what an island means to you. All in a petri dish! After viewing the display (or before), you pick a petri dish and instruction card. At home, have your child create it (or it could be a great family project). What a great way to get your child engaged in creating art and putting it on display.

Sometimes we get so bogged down with what to do with the kids as the summer begins to wind down. However a trip to the museum can always forge new ideas to come to life. Now there are some guidelines for what to and what not to place in the dish. Once you have filled your dish and bring it back to the museum, it will then be added to the already wonderful display. Just a note, the exhibit is running from June 27th until September 7th. So get out there!

Educators, visiting the museum is a great way to come up with creative ideas. I know, you're not exactly ready to think about lesson plans and the such, but summer provides us with great opportunities to tap into bringing lessons alive. Go ahead, take a trip to the museum, a gallery, music or dance performance. You never know how your stories and pictures can spark interest in your students.