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Ready for the beach? Beach Blendz Wind & Tea will take you there anytime

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A day at the beach may be hard for some to imagine, with much of the country experiencing record snowfalls and plunging temperatures, but it can be as close as your tea cup with Pangea Tea Company's Wind and Tea, one in its series of Beach Blendz. Wind and Tea combines black and oolong teas with chamomile, coconut and lavender for a flavor that will trick your senses into believing you are in sunny southern California, home to Pangea and Lavender Lounge, where this tea blend was purchased.

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Coconut is the predominate element in this tea and the first whiff will move you to the tropics. The black and oolong teas are well-chosen anchors to the sweet and milky flavors of lavender and coconut, respectfully . It's a tasty balance of hearty and creamy, a bit like drinking a mounds bar - and without all the calories!

We prepared the tea with black tea sensibilities: full boil and three minute steep time. It produced a delightful cup of tea with additions of milk or sugar not required.

Whether you're in San Clemente or Detroit, a day at the beach can be within reach with a hot cup of Wind & Tea.

Reviewers note: Wind & Tea was a gift from my daughter who visited Lavender Lounge last November. Any kind of trip to the beach during a Detroit winter is an unexpected treat.