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"Raze" Review - Haymakers and hairdos



Directed by Josh C. Waller, "Raze" almost makes you wonder if the movie was co-produced by Dana White, but although it lacks the glitz and big name celebs of it's PPV cousin, it makes up for it by being high in action, if not a little light in story.

Former stuntwoman Zoe Bell highlights a cast of women abducted and forced to battle each other to the death. Jamie (Rachel Nichols) tells an attentive first date how she's into kickboxing. She soon awakens in new clothes (of the tank top and sweatpants variety) in an underground bunker and unwittingly led to a sort of fighting pit. Think of the Octagon with dirt floors. Before long she's fighting for her life.

Next is a series of bloody, gruesome and graphic 3 minute one-on-one matchups that make "Fight Club" seem like a knitting convention. Bones are broken, blood splatters and the bodies hit the floor. The forced competition is organized by husband and wife duo Joseph (Doug Jones) and Elizabeth (Sherilyn Fenn). The sadistic duo claim the fights are for a higher cause and they are...a sequel. I'm sure it has underlying social messages ranging from misogyny to overall treatment of women, but most guys will just get turned on by the fight.

If you're into hardcore action-horror, but don't have the preference or stomach for "Saw" films, then "Raze" is right up your alley. You may get a bit bored, because you don't find out a ton about the characters and it does become like "Street Fighter" and "Mortal Kombat" games after a while. At some point, you'll actually expect someone to scream "Finish Him" (which you'll actually find in 2013's "Man of Tai Chi")

"Raze". MPAA: Unrated (But contains a lot of girl on girl violence and blood. You were warned). Running time: 97 minutes.