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RAVPower Orbit Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger [Review]

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Wireless Charger
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RAVPower Orbit Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger


The RAVPower Orbit Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger, a very unique designed charger that allows you to charge your devices such as your smart phones and tablets easily via wireless connection. The box is very simplistic with a white background and the art portraying the charger in all its glory to which nonetheless is very effective. The packaging is very organized as well. The product includes the charger itself of course, an instruction manual, and a wall charger for those who don’t have access to a computer or a USB enabled source in some situations.

The charger dimensions are the following, the size of the charger is 2.76 inches by 0.75 inches by 2.76 inches (LWH) and the weight is 3.36 ounces. What this all means is basically that it is a very compact charger which can be easily carried along to wherever you may need this charger. It is small enough to be carried in your pocket which just goes to show how compact it really is.

One thing to note about this charger is to make sure that your device is compatible with this charger. This charger has direct support for some devices, but not all, which means that you may be required to purchase a wireless charging receiver which will enable your device to utilize this charger. The following devices are supported by this charger and do not need a wireless charging receiver:
- Nexus 7 2nd Gen/Nexus 4 / LG Optimus Vu2
- Nokia Lumia 920
- HTC 8X (UK version does not support QI wireless charging)/ HTC Droid DNA

The following devices will be required to have a wireless charging receiver:
- Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 / Galaxy Note 2
- Nokia Lumia 820/925/925t/1020
- iPhone 5S 5C 5 4 4S 3G

All in all, this product does what it was made to do, charge your device easily and conveniently without the use of wires or cables effectively. It was able to charge my smart phone quickly than I had expected it to, since it being wireless and all. The fact that the charger has the USB cable embedded into the design is a great feature or aspect since it means you don’t have to carry the cable separately. In the end, I have to say that this charger is useful for those who despise cables or wires and just want something that helps to charge their devices easily without the hassle of connecting wires or cables to their devices.

Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review and opinions.

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