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RAVPower 4-Port Wall Charger [Review]

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RAVPower 4-Port Wall Charger


The RAVPower 4-Port Wall Charger. This charger is great when you need to charge multiple devices since as the name suggests, it is a 4-Port charger meaning that you can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. Also, the charger is compact and portable for traveling.

The charger as I mentioned already, has 4 USB ports that can charge your devices at the same time without having to go through the trouble of switching out your devices constantly in order to charge your devices from time to time. The great thing about this charger is that it has two ports with an output of 1A and the other two ports have an output of 2.1A. What this means is that the 1A ports are made to charge your small devices such as your smartphones and the other two ports with an output of 2.1A are made to charge your bigger devices such as your tablets. The reason is because the 2.1A ports are able to charge your bigger devices more quickly than if they were being charged using the 1A ports. The ports are labeled so there will be no confusion as to what port is what. Plus, the charger lights up when your devices are charging successfully meaning you know when your devices are plugged in correctly and charging.

The charger is compact and lightweight which makes it ideal for when you need to take this charger with you on the go since the dimensions of it are the following: 3.6 x 1.2 x 3.5 inches; 6.1 ounces. Also, another great thing about this device is that it has an input voltage of: AC 110-220V, which makes this device usable during your international traveling.

The charger can be purchased in either black or white depending on your preference. It comes with a 3.84ft / 117cm detachable power cord and a user manual.

The RAVPower 4-Port Wall Charger is a great buy when you have many devices that constantly need charging and when you don't want to go through the hassle of switching out your devices. It is small and compact, so taking it with you on your travels is easy. In the end, the charger performs well; it charges your devices easily and quickly when you need it to.