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Rave review for Je Nu the magic DIY anti-aging wand for eyes and lips

JeNu Active-Youth Skincare System


Think of it as a magic anti-aging wand, an outside the box breakthrough in skincare. The new JeNu Active-Yough Skincare System makes miracles happen seriously reducing wrinkles and lines around the eyes and plumping up lips to a youthful pout.

Use the wand daily for younger looker eyes and lips

The first and only at-home, ultrasound system that raises the anti-aging over-the-bar can be your ticket to a younger looking ‘selfie’. Your LA Beauty Products Examiner began using the sleek, little instrument two days ago and has already witness amazing improvement in the eye area. What’s really cool is it is portable so you can take it on trips, to the gym or where ever you go and continue treatments. If it’s as effective on the lips (which I will be testing next) as it is on the eye area, we really have discovered the fountain of eternal youth.

The wand comes with two products, one for the eyes and the other for your lips. All you do, after charging the device overnight, is wash your face, then apply a dab of either product to the area you want to work and gently rub the wand over it for a minute or two. Both vitamin-packed Eye and Lip Serums supply a solid dose of hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, and other skin-firming ingredients to your eyes and lips. But the real power is in the professional-grade ultrasound wand, the serums just add an extra punch (like 12 times the effectiveness).

There is a great video explaining the system at

JeNu Active-Youth Skincare System costs 249 at,, , or New Beauty at Fred Segal.