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'Random Hearts (1999)' Movie Review: Loves through tragedy

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Random Hearts (1999)


Your life is going along well. At least Dutch Van Den Broeck (Harrison Ford) thought so. He had just made love to his wife Peyton (Susanna Thompson). In a couple of hours she will be on a plane headed to Miami. Senator Kay Chandler (Kristin Scott Thomas) thought the same. She thought her husband was having an affair but as long as it didn't interfere with her work in Washington, it's part of the job. Her husband Cullen (Peter Coyote) was headed to Miami for a trip.

What Dutch and Kay didn't know was that in just a few hours both their spouses would die in a plane crash. They would be seated next to each other when the plane went down. Dutch and Kay would meet when they had to identify their spouses and their belongings. What would be a little weird was when their spouses would turn up having each others keys.

This would get the ball rolling as to whether their spouses were having an affair. Dutch was in denial but Kay had her suspicions. Making this hard for Dutch was he was also a cop and mystery's were something he didn't like.

Dutch and Kay would become friends and later companions when out of desire to be loved again they would fall into each others lives. They would become lovers. They would become confidants in their desire for the truth. Problem is can they handle the truth.

Director Sydney Pollack does a beautiful job bringing this distorted love story together. Two people thrown together in sadness and despair that would later fall in love with each other. Well it makes for a good story. Is it enough to carry on with how they feel for each other or once the truth comes out will that be enough for Kay and Dutch. The saying is the "Truth will set you free" in this case it actually works. This is a movie that will leave you with feelings of longing for more but like in most romances it will leave you wandering around for the rest of the story. You fill in the blanks and go watch this movie to find your answers.