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'Rambo: First Blood (1982)' Movie Review: Action all the way

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Rambo: First Blood


John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) is a Vietnam veteran. He was awarded the Medal of Honor and was a former POW. He is traveling to visit a friend from his old unit. When he arrives at the farm he is told by the man's mother that he has died some months back. He had acquired Agent Orange from his time in Nam and he died of the cancer.

Rambo headed off and ended up in Hope,Washington. He has let his hair grow and looks disheveled. That doesn't set well with the local Sheriff Will Teasle (Brian Dennehy). The Sheriff gave Rambo a ride out of town but he started right back into the same town. This didn't set well with Teasle so he arrested Rambo for vagrancy.

While being processed at the station the junior deputies pushed Rambo a little too hard and he broke out. Making his way to the woods he was able to hide out until Teasle brought his deputies and a National Guard Unit along with him. Rambo takes them down and tells the Sheriff that he can give this all up or it will mean war.

A little time later Col. Sam Troutman ( Richard Crenna) arrives on the scene and tells Teasle exactly what he is up against. You see Rambo was a special ops kind of guy, Green Beret and all that. In other words , he is a bad ass. Teasle doesn't take the hint and the war is on.

Many men like Rambo did things in Nam, but when you come home you can't do what you had to do in the jungle. How do you turn it off? Rambo just couldn't find a place to fit in and it sure wasn't going to be Hope, Washington.

Director Ted Kotcheff brings home this action packed thriller. Rambo was for some a piece of history. For others, it was pure cinema but for most it was just pure action and they loved it. So if you have never met John Rambo then by all means start with the original and enjoy all the action.