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Raising Our Children's Children

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Raising Our Children's Children


Review date: 6/26/14 – Raising Our Children’s Children – Deborah Doucette – Publication Date: 7/7/14 – 9871589799264 – Rowman and Littlefield – Electronic ARC – 5 Stars

This book came right on time. Recently becoming the guardian for my 3-year-old granddaughter, I had no idea of the statistics regarding grandparents raising their grandchildren. The numbers that author Doucette mentions in this book made me do a double-take.

I like how the author uses relatable stories that show different instances in which grandparents acquire their grandchildren. Doucette makes great points in how grandparents much deal with these issues delicately, while not keeping secrets from their grandchildren.

Doucette gives us examples of how these situations can affect the children’s self-esteem and cause other issues later in the child’s life.
I love the idea of counseling, something a lot of people don’t realize can actually help a situation. The author elaborates the importance of not harboring anger towards the birth parent or talking negatively about the birth parent in front of the children.

I recommend this book to anyone having to take care of their grandchildren and for those not currently caregivers to them. This book could come in handy if non-caregivers were ever faced with the challenge.

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