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Raising Cane's in Phoenix not worth the money

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Raising Cane's


The building is brand spanking new. I walk in the front door and the restaurant, on a Saturday night, is almost empty. Apparently, the neighborhood already knows what I am about to find out.

The menu centers on one main course-chicken fingers. With your chicken fingers, you get coleslaw, Texas toast, and french fries. Theres also a special dipping sauce, the Cane sauce, that you can dip the fingers into.

The counter staff is friendly, seemingly knowledgeable, and accurate. The order arrives at the table in record time, and the food is hot and smells wonderful. Taking one of the fingers in hand, I dip and bite. My face scrunches for a minute. Theres an oddly tart after taste left by the sauce, and the breading on the chicken is bland.

Maybe the coleslaw is better, I think taking the top off the plastic 4 oz. container. Cabbage looks good, nice even mix of carrots. And its not dripping in sauce. Take a bite, and no tangy zip, no dancing on the palette of my tongue.

I casually chat with my companion, and leave a full chicken strip uneaten (I had ordered 3), a handful of the fries, and all of the coleslaw. Two seperate employees came and asked me how I liked the meal. I was not enthusiastic, but both, commented that if I did not like the sauce, the next time I came in I could substitute it out for another type of sauce. That wasn't listed on the menu, nor was my trying the new sauce with my full chicken strip mentioned.

Since I didn't care for the meal, which for two people was over priced, and under delivered, there will be no second time for Raising Cane's. Even Denny's serves a better finger.

Raising Cane's is located in the area of 44th Street and Thomas.