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Radical Reels 2014 Film Tour review

Radical Reels 2014 Film Tour


The Radical Reels 2014 Film Tour attracted a good crowd to Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah last night on February 27, 2014. A little downpour of rain wasn’t going to keep adrenaline junkies away from a couple of hours of extreme sports films, and the lineup was definitely an exciting one. Here are some highlights from the 2014 Radical Reels Film Tour.

Radical Reels 2014 Film Tour review
Banff Centre

Wingsuit flying is becoming more popular and the athletes definitely don’t mess around with the insane flying they do. Two films portrayed the incredible flight of those that seem as though they were born in a wingsuit. Outlines and Dream Lines IV took viewers on major thrill rides through the eyes of some of the world’s top wingsuit flyers. In Dream Lines IV, wild new lines were taken in France and Switzerland. In Outlines Espen Fadnes, a World Wingsuit Champion talked on the future of wingsuit flying and his transition to becoming a professional extreme sports athlete. Would you take that jump if you had the chance? It seems many in the crowd last night felt that they just might do it.

Nine Queens – Shades of Winter portrayed how the ladies of freestyle skiing can be just as insane and jaw-dropping with their tricks as the men. Some of the best female freestyle skiers had the opportunity to play on a 24-meter floating kicker in the shape of a castle in Austria throwing out tricks that girls have never done before. In just the short four-minute film, these ladies had the crowd more than impressed with what they were capable of.

Who is 5’2”, 105 pounds and one of the most wicked off-width climbers today? That would be Pamela Shanti Pack. It’s that old cliché that goes something along the lines of “great things come in small packages”. In Off-Width Outlaw you see just how tough this gal really is. After a forearm injury, she was told she would never be able to climb again, so what does she do? She figures out a different way to climb. Welcome to the world of off-width climbing. She stuffs herself in crazy cracks with huge cams that are bigger than her and jams those hands to shimmy up some climbs that not many dare to touch. And after numerous injuries and surgeries, she just keeps coming back stronger and stronger.

Beyond the Drop took six pro kayakers to the rainforests of Southern Mexico to explore the Agua Azul. The unbelievable color of blue of this water was just incredibly beautiful let alone the drops in the running waterfalls the kayakers were taking. There’s definitely more to kayaking than just the drop. Along with the phenomenal scenery, raging rapids, and giant waterfalls, you better be sure you have the right technique for whatever the water will throw at you.

Arrival depicted the talents of the next wave of mountain bike riders and photographers. The diverse styles, new lines and new places shot in this film were definitely making the mountain bikers in the audience itching to get out playing. The locations looked amazing and extremely fun. The facial expressions of the mountain bikers just confirmed how gratifying the lines were.

If Radical Reels is coming your way, it is highly recommended you go to get your stoke on. Check out The Banff Centre Web site to see a listing of where the Radical Reels Film Tour will be stopping next.

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