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'Racing Rivals' on Android

Popular iOS Racing game 'Racing Rivals' is now available free-to-play for Android.
Popular iOS Racing game 'Racing Rivals' is now available free-to-play for Android.
Cie Games

Racing Rivals


Popular iOS racing game “Racing Rivals” is now available for Android. Cie Games released the game on Google Play on May 29th. The game is the first to have real-time synchronous racing challenges and has been released in more than 50 countries with over 5 million installs.

'Racing Rivals' comes to Android
Cie Entertainment

Racing Rivals” has MMO style game design which allows players to upgrade their vehicles, level up and climb the ranks. Gameplay is simple with a race consisting of starting and shifting at just the right time. All you need to do is tap the screen but a split second early or late can make the difference in whether you win or lose.

Racing AI drivers in campaign mode or other players in a challenge will allow racers to earn in-game currency, XP, and of course prestige. Use in-game currency to buy and install upgrades for your ride whether they are performance enhancing or simply aesthetic. Don’t have enough money earned from racing for all those upgrades you want? That’s where the in-app purchases come in to play.

Losing a race can cost you though. High stakes races could even lose you your car, although most races will give you a little consolation cash no matter how poorly you do. As you race there will be wear and tear and your vehicle which you can pay to have fixed.

Available vehicles include 60 of the world’s most popular cars such as BMW, Honda, and McLaren models. For racing game fans “Racing Rivals” is a great addition to your mobile game library. While the racing and upgrading mechanics may seem simple and straightforward there is a lot of depth to the game for those willing to explore it. For example not all vehicle upgrades are created equally and drivers need to pay attention to what they're paying for and installing in their cars to reach top speeds.

Racing Rivals” is free-to-play and available for iOS and recently for Android. Join the race and see who has the better drivers, iOS or Android.