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R And P Photography

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R and P photography


Recently I went on a photo shoot with the owners of R and P Photography as they set out to do a few headshots of up and coming models/actors. Knowing how expensive headshots and full portfolios are in Los Angeles I watch for customer service skills, as well as how the deals were to be closed, to set a repeat business platform. I must say I was truly impressed with the discounts which were in tune with the slumpest economy, as well as how R and P Photography owners kept their clients excited on both the photo shoot as well as the pricing structure.

The shoot locations were well thought of, as Patrice explained to me the importance of light verses shadows, while also explaining what look they were trying to achieve with each model/actor. Watching to time how long each location took to set up, shoot, change wardrobe, then pick what pictures the models/actors love the best, was fast but professional at the same time.

I was so impressed I actually booked one of my family members weddings through them, allowing R and P's style to convince me, along with their great pricing system. This system consist of what they would pay for professional pictures, if they didn't own their own business? Rob which is the partner owner with Patrice, said "It's all about repeat business, not making a client pay high prices because a photographer chose to buy an over expensive camera lens".

"A lot of clients leave photo shoots with a bad taste in their mouths, thinking more on the cost than the professional pictures in their hands and this is not what we want for our clients"

Clearly understanding where Rob was coming from, I looked at the smiles on the model/actors faces as he continued to explain the moral values of "R and P Photography" as a whole. This is why I give this photography company 5 stars, due to their compassion for others and most important their company. A company that has a bright future with great visionary type people running it.