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Quirky’s Space Bar: ‘I need my space!’

‘I need my space!’
‘I need my space!’
Brian Hart

Quirky’s Space Bar


Monitors traditionally ship with stands that are practically static (i.e., only tilting the screen a few degrees). For many individuals, especially those who are taller, such a display is uncomfortable to use for long periods, possibly leading to neck and/or back discomfort.

One possible solution is to raise the height of the monitor with a stand. Expertly, Quirky Incorporated has once again crowd sourced a monitor riser, thereby, developing the Space Bar ($99.99) with 6 USB ports.

The aforementioned product is brushed aluminum with white accents and is shaped similarly to two cylinders connected by a shelf. Three of the previously mentioned cylinder’s faces allow for two USB connections, while the fourth face houses ports for the AC adapter (included) and mini-USB (to interface with a Mac/PC). Per design, the rear, two USB ports only charge devices, while the front, four USB’s charge and sync to a computer.

An added benefit of a monitor stand is being able to store additional items on top (i.e., such as the devices connected via USB). The Space Bar performs well by allowing up to a combined weight of 30.5 lbs. Also, the Space Bar has ample storage underneath for a keyboard (up to 18” wide x 1.5” tall) and even completely fits Apple’s full-sized version with number pad.

Visually, this product is beautifully formed and performs excellently as a monitor stand. Thus, the Space Bar is essential for organizing and freeing up critically needed desk space. Moreover, the placement of the USB ports is perfect for quickly and easily connecting an iPhone, hard drive, accessory, etc. Nonetheless, this author is looking forward to an updated version that would ideally include USB 3.0’s faster data transfers.

Of note, some users posted that the Space Bar was unable to charge a tablet; however, this author found that the Space Bar was capable of powering Apple's iPad Air during testing.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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