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Quijote’s Mexican Grill

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Quijote's Mexican Grill


Quijote’s Mexican Grill is a young, family run restaurant. Located at 208 N. Union Blvd., they’ve only been in business for 3 years. Yet they’ve managed to get the attention of many local residences. Just one bite of their spectacular food and you’ll understand why. All their ingredients are prepared fresh daily. The fast, friendly, and personal service will also have you coming back time and again. You can dine in, or have your order to go. Their hours are 7am – to 3pm Monday-Saturday. As busy as they are, the staff does an excellent job of keeping the establishment clean.
Quijote’s has become known as the home of the $2.99 breakfast burrito. They have a nice variety to choose from. For example they have breakfast plates, Fruit Pancakes, and French toast. I had their Meat Lover Burrito. It consists of eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, potatoes, cheese, and green chili wrapped in a warm fresh flower tortilla. My order was ready very quickly. It was a delicious start to the day. The eggs were soft, fluffy, and a beautiful yellow color. The potatoes were cooked perfectly, along with the meats. The green chili added a mild kick that didn’t eclipse the rest of the ingredients. As for the cheese, well, cheese makes everything taste better.

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To wash it all down you have a number of choices. They have Horchada, Coke products, ice tea, coffee, smoothies, cerveza and shakes. Prices vary. They also offer a reasonable selection of appetizers. Such as the basic chips and salsa ($2.50), to mouth watering chicken quesadillas ($7.50).

For lunch you can order one of their salads, a hot plate: enchiladas; fajitas; tamales; chili relleno; fish tacos. They also offer tortas, and a Mexican burger. Or there’s their assortment of burritos. Being a burrito lover, I order the Cocinita Burrito ($7.50). It’s made up of pork marinated in achiote, rice, beans, lettuce, pickle onion, sour cream, and radish. I was given the choice of having it smothered in a mild or spicy green chili sauce. I chose the spicy. Again I didn’t have to wait very long for food. The burrito was huge. The tortilla was packed to it maximum capacity without tearing. The pork was tender, and juicy. The rice and beans were absolutely delicious. The whole thing was so delightfully good. Not to mention filling.

I barely had room for their Homemade Churros. Four pieces of deep fried dough pastry covered with a generous amount of cinnamon and sugar. You get a small cup of chocolate drizzled whip cream for dipping. One of the staff there recommended some Mexican hot chocolate, which wasn’t on the menu. He said it was simply hot chocolate with cinnamon. Since I love chocolate and cinnamon, it sounded like it was a match made in heaven. It was an excellent complement to the Churros.

I’ve been coming to Quijote’s for about a year. And I have to say their food is out of this world. The best bang for your buck. Quijote’s is numero uno in my book. They also coffer catering for you to 200 people. Whether it is a birthday party, or a block party you have planed. Quijote’s has you covered. Call (719)3139127 for details. Also check out their new location in Denver at 1043 N. Broadway, (720)542-8484. Hours are Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm.

They have expanded since I was there last. They took over the entire southern end of the shopping plaza. Next door to the south they offer counter service with of view of the kitchen area. The next door south is Quijote’s Tacos and Margaritas. When the Mexican Grill half closes at 3pm, Tacos and Margaritas opens from 4pm-8pm Tuesday-Thursday. Friday and Saturday the hours are 4pm-10pm. Both sides serve the same menu. The only difference is Tacos and Margaritas serves cocktails. The place use to be a night club. Quijote’s is still filling the area with tables. They plan to offer live music on occasion.