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'Quartet’ shares history of rock n’roll icons

'Quartet' will have you shaking down the aisles
'Quartet' will have you shaking down the aisles
Used with permission from: The Kravis Center

Million Dollar Quartet


‘Million Dollar Quartet’ is a feel-good show that guarantees you a great time at the theater.

‘Quartet’ follows an impromptu jam session with rock n’roll legends, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. All four make history at they gather together at Sun Records during December 1956. Rock n’roll was born here.

During the show, you will hear such classics as, ‘Memories are Made of This,’ ‘Great Balls of Fire, ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘I Walk the Line’ performed live.

Million Dollar Quartet’ is unlike any show you have seen at the theater before, as it relies on legendary, classic music to tell a story, a story that plays a big role in American history.

The older generation will enjoy this show for its' nostalgic effect. It will trigger memories of their first Elvin Presley concert or Johnny Cash album. The younger generation will learn how these four men came to influence what we know as music today. ‘Quartet’ is most definitely a family show, a show the young and old will enjoy.

The set is simply a recording studio; however what is unique about it is it actually makes you feel like an onlooker of this recording session. It allows you to feel as if you are actually there, living this moment in history with these legends.

All the performers in ‘Quartet’ gave everything they had to personify these legends, without being exact replicas. Scott Moreau played the ‘Man in Black,’ Johnny Cash, with natural charisma. Moreau’s voice had the sensual, husky charm of Cash. Cody Ray Slaughter who portrayed ‘The King’ did so without coming across as a cheap, Vegas Elvis impersonator. Slaughter had Elvis’s signature hip swings down to an art, making the females in the audience swoon.

The show began with a bang with ‘Blue Suede Shoes,’ however soon faltered in the middle. The middle of the show lacked the charm and energy that was present in the beginning. The quickly changed with the last four numbers, as the performers invited the audience to get up and ‘shake.’ At this point, one could feel the excitement and vitality from the performers and it was infecting the audience. It was a great feeling to see the audience smiling, as they danced and sung along to the songs of the past that we all know and love.

‘Quartet’ is an American classic that will be timeless from one generation to the next.

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