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Qigong meditation: Yang's Martial Arts Academy

Yang's Martial Arts Academy


This is a positive review of Yang's Martial Arts Academy (YMAA) based on interviews with people who have learned from Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.

Dr. Yang studied mechanical physics at Purdue University and understands the science behind the "bioelectricity" which serves as the basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

People who understand TCM know that the electrical activity in the body influences health, the emotions, and the thoughts that arise in the mind. It is natural to expect that this electrical activity also is involved with the 'enlightenment experience sought by meditation practitioners.

The classes at YMAA are taught by easygoing people who understand taijiquan and qigong deeply because of the scientific analysis carried out by Dr. Yang and explained in his books and lectures. Students can choose to enroll in the Shaolin Kung Fu classes for physical fitness and self-defense or in the Taijiquan program for those interested in the internal arts.

Dr. Yang is currently teaching at his retreat center in California, where a ten-year program is underway to create some extremely adept practitioners who will properly represent the Chinese martial arts.

Students of Dr. Yang celebrate the way his insights, shared during their training programs, enhance the power of their 'jing' which is the ability to generate and express power through the use of qi energy combines with martial technique. Dr. Yang emphasizes the importance of the internal arts and qigong's 'reverse breathing' which makes it possible to more efficiently direct the internal energy and manifest it in the feet and hands.

Practitioners from all over the world seek Dr. Yang for his advanced understanding of the science that underlies the internal and external martial arts. Those of us who reside in the Boston area have a great opportunity to learn his method by visiting YMAA in Jamaica Plain.