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Push-ing in the New Year at The Crazy Olive!

New Year's Eve at The Crazy Olive 2014 with J. Jaye Steele and Push


New Year's Eve at The Crazy Olive, was a very special night in so many ways. Most importantly, this evening brought back a special gift to our local music scene when J. Jaye Steele took the stage once again with his band mates from Push! It was a true celebration of life and music, with a stunning roster of guests and bands. The Crazy Olive, Brent's Music and the city of Cape Coral brought it all to life.

Image slideshow of the last two performances from the NYE party at The Crazy Olive for 2014, featuring the return of J. Jaye Steele fronting Push!
Kelly Panoc for Perfect Image Kellections
J. Jaye Steele joined his band mates of Push for a New Year's Eve to remember forever!
Kelly Panoc for Perfect Image Kellections

There was just a chill in the air, as winter had not settled in completely, yet. This was not a disadvantage, as with the heat the crowd generated while Mr. Steele hosted that stage, the cooler evening was appreciated later on!

Matt Mangas, from the Arrow 94.5, was our MC for the evening and it is always a pleasure to work
with him.

First up was Se7en Stories, featuring Paul DeGuerre now on lead guitar. This band offers some more rare covers and they do rip Seether covers better than some this fan has taken in. Chris and crew laid out a solid opening set to launch the ball dropping festivities, at the Olive. These four lads enjoy working together and that only aids in the delivery of their live show. Catch up with Se7en Stories on Facebook for all local dates upcoming.

Next up, was the Superbot experience, complete with Scott 'Scooby' Bush playing greeting host to anyone walking into the stage area even while still shredding Van Halen chords like no one's business! Well done, indeed! This current line up featuring: Obe Gonzales, Prentice Harris and Brian Green on the kit offers a ton of sound and energy to their crowds. The best and possibly only local Golden Earring cover around, the 80's flashbacks with The Cars and the Ric Ocasek soundtrack and the best damn Killers cover of 'Somebody Told Me' this fan has heard even attempted.

Scooby and his line ups never cease to amaze on a stage, complete with geek gear, electricity and more energy that the Energizer Bunny on Red Bull and it's a show! In his hosting performance, Scott managed to introduce quite a few folks to the crowd, including dragging me out there. The ambushed image in my lens tells the story rather well! Superbot wants you all to have a good time and they were successful in creating just that at this party. Check all dates for Superbot on their Facebook page and stop by the Facebook page for Timeline Studios, to keep up with Scott's latest studio adventures as well.

There remained one last set on this roster and the crowd began to fill up the front bay of the stage as showtime crept closer, to get a glimpse of J. Jaye Steele back where he belongs, up on that stage under the lights. In true show style, Jeff, Tommy and Mark made their way to the stage and took their respected spots and a few shords struck the air, Mr. Steele walked to the end of the stage and just smiled uncontrollably at that loving crowd. It was on!

After battling stage four lung cancer for over the last year, J. Jaye and Push laid this set out like never before, as there was the most heart in this performance. There were tears welling up all over the place and even while performing they were being fought back, this set was a magical thing and a peaceful, rocking and appreciative evening commenced. It was important to J. Jaye to share this night with the local fans that have supported his and his family's battle with cancer, to say thank you for everything that this community lended to this fight. He truly owed none of us a thing, in that this man got up on stage for the better side of twenty years to sing for us all, but he came back to still be the front man we have come to love and it sounded amazing!

J. Jaye took a moment to thank everyone for not giving up on his band during his battle and also to his band mates for holding his spot for him and not seeking another front man. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that there is no replacing Mr. J. Jaye Steele, ever and so it only makes sense that Mark, Tommy and Jeff realized the same. It was a real gift to have been there for this performance and to have had the honor of capturing it through imagery, as well. The show must go on and in true J. Jaye Steele fashion, it did.

Hats off and thanks to the Steele family, you are the true example of a family fighting together and it is a beautiful thing! Thank you for allowing us to be close to this event and again to allow us to capture the moments. All the best as you continue this fight with everyday to come, we are all here for you so, please do not hesitate to reach out because how else "Can ya feel it?"

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Check out the stellar menu and live performance schedules for The Crazy Olive right here. Great food, even better pizza and live entertainment all week long.

Thanks to the city of Cape Coral and Brent's Music for making this show possible and a great success! It was so amazing to see our friend back out there again, after all these years and this past one alone, so thanks to everyone who played a part in making this happen!


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