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'Pure Country'

Dusty of course springs the big news on Harley after he turns to sing what else, a love song to her.


By Julie D. Griffin

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 09: George Strait does a Q & A with the press during his press conference for the 2014 The Cowboy Rides Away tour at Dallas Cowboys Stadium on September 9, 2013 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)
Photo by Rick Diamond

Dusty (George Straight) hardly knows what to do with all of his money, because he until he abandons his band mid-concert tour and runs off without explaining to anyone where he went, he returns with the love of his life a light in his eyes and a wad of money gone later. Of course, she Isabel Glasser as Harley Tucker ran him off at first after his agent, Lula (Lesley Ann Warren) told the woman he met at the small town where he met and found out he loved Harley that she was really his wife. A lie. She used the ploy just to get him back to work. And of course, he had to forgive her, the agent who was only doing her job. The overworked star, the small town girl figured just a local guy who needed some work as a farm hand. Another down and out who just needed some encouragement and some uplifting. After all, look at the way the man hardly looked like he had an ability to even begin to take care of or watch out for himself. On the other hand, he sure kicked scoot, boot and ugly the night before after he saved her from a local man who kept chasing after her rainbow, though she constant denied him. What a shame, and yet Dusty unbeknownst her did not have to fight like Harley just to survive, just to get by even a little for a day of this life. A famous country singer, Dusty runs off to seek his fortune and comes across Harley at the small, local pub and bar by chance. Drunk and handsome she finds him. And as most girls like that, she goes out not in search of or to even dance with a man, but just to unwind after a hard long week of working on the farm. Mending fences and chasing cows off of the saved grass where the creatures do not know any better where to go, Harley wants to save the farm for her future as well.

Dusty comes looking for rest. But out of all the other guys there, Harley sets her eyes on him without even knowing he was ever anybody, and falling in love with what she hoped was for a change an easygoing nobody. Believe it or not, there are some people left on earth who still believe that love at first sight means forever, and that dating a married man is wrong. But with the single Dusty up for grabs, Harley thinking Dusty a man without enough money for a home, like people on the river, she happy to give gives him a boarder room at her home. She cooks and he rides horses. One day his brother finds him and through some detective work, later his female agent, which is where the drama heats up. Harley who does not yet know the man makes a living as a famous singer cold cocks him on the spot for being something she dated before, before she found out. A cheater. Another thing not often tolerated along the fence of a small country town, people are kind of expected to stay with their own wives and husbands and not go venturing out. That's what they make most of those country songs about.

But the love story to beat out all other love stories throughout all of time, after Dusty thrown out by a woman for a change, Harley thinking him married when he is not, tells him not to come back. The truth though is that Dusty once had a brief fling with his agent. But that was long ago and far away. And now with his agent only about the money, she feels bad later. Another thing about country people that's still good today. Most still seem to have some kind of a semblance of a conscience after doing wrong. And then the agent, Lulu makes a great big deal of sending secret concert tickets to Harley and her family and sending a limo to pick them up to spring the big surprise about who Dusty is, and that he is not really married to or in any relationship with any woman, and that the only woman he truly wants is Harley. Dusty of course springs the big news on Harley after he turns to sing what else, a love song to her during the Las Vegas concert performance he gave her a front seat at as a surprise.

Christopher Cain directed the Jerry Weintraub produced film which also starred a host of others as well and including Kyle Chandler as Buddy Jackson, John Doe as Earl Blackstock, Rory Calhoun as Ernest Tucker, Molly McClure as Grandma Ivy Chandler, Terry McIlvain as Tim Tucker and Toby Metcalf as J.W. Tucker. With music by Steve Dorff, the 1992 October, Warner Bros. love story film release also featured the editing powers of Jack Hofstra.