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Pure Bliss at Pure Vida

Relax and Rejoice
Camilla Carboni

Pure Vida, Spa Vital


There are no shortages of Fitness Studios or Spas in the Denver Metro Area but, like most things in life, with a little experience you can quickly separate the men from the boys.

I have to admit I am quite the Spa junkie and love nothing more than a tranquil day of rejuvenation, especially in preparation for the New Year. Subsequently, since moving to Denver 6 months ago, I have visited my fair share of Spas, and tried a number of massage therapists in an attempt to find one that hits the spot, quite literally.

It was not until yesterday on the massage table at Spa Vital, the resident Spa at Pure Vida Fitness in Cherry Creek, that I found my massage heaven.

Pure Vida is every woman’s dream; and man’s too I am sure, if they will admit it.

When you walk through those glass entry doors, it’s like stepping into an instant stress-free bubble. The waterfall that trickles over pebbled glass welcomes you grandly and the facility attendants direct you to the locker rooms that boast an array of enticing options.

True of any upscale fitness club there are spacious storage lockers, large showers stocked with shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream, complimentary amenities such as razors, mouthwash and hairspray, and a well-lit vanity station complete with my best friend, the flat iron.

Any woman who enjoys pampering (is there any other kind?) will need at least an hour in the locker room alone. Between the sauna, the Jacuzzi and the luxury shower heads, you will quickly melt away any ounce of stress that you may have brought with you.

But the best part is to come, and that’s at the Spa. Then again, before you head upstairs to be pampered, make use of all that Pure Vida has to offer, including their small but very elegant yoga studio. The wooden flooring and tree etched wall paneling creates a visually calming atmosphere to accompany a great workout.

The second floor store even has healthy snacks for purchase, such as hummus, vegetable and pita bread boxes; you can really make a day of this.

Ah, and then to the Spa. Check in early to your appointment. Spa Vital has one of the nicest treatment waiting areas I have ever encountered. It overlooks the Cherry Creek Mall and offers the perfect vantage point to enjoy the glow of the setting sun.

Elegant chaise lounges with back pillows and cozy blankets will have you zoned out before you treatment even begins, and the hot tea selection and sweet scents of cinnamon that linger from the treatment rooms, complete the sensory stimulation. You can enjoy it after your treatment as well. Who wouldn’t?!

For more information about Pure Vida Fitness and Spa Vital, please visit the link below:

I’ll see you there next year, for many more days of pampering.
Happy New Year!



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