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Pure, adulterated fun with 'Bayonetta'

Bayonetta the game, for Xbox 360 and PS3



With ‘Bayonetta 2’ coming out in the near future, now might be a good time to play the first ‘Bayonetta’ game for your gun-slinging-beat-‘em-up enjoyment!

‘Bayonetta’ was made back in 2009 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 by SEGA. As the name implies, you play the beautiful, sexy, alluring witch who kills angels and takes crap from no one.

The story begins with our protagonist, Bayonetta, in the midst of solving the mystery of her unknown past. Years ago, Bayonetta was awaken with no memories of her previous life. Another woman, with the same power as Bayonetta’s, gives her an incentive to reveal the secrets of her past, thus plunging our heroine in a battle against holy angels who stand in her way.

The general playing mechanics of this game is in third-person with ‘destroy everything that gets in your way’ tactics. When the game begins, the player may feel like they’ve stepped into a weird, perverted, fever dream with high kicks and bullets whipping around. The player is introduced to the mechanics of the game: kicking, shooting, and special movies that can be used on certain enemies. As the game progresses, more and more combos and tricks will be added to Bayonetta’s arsenal, this also includes upgrades and new abilities that can purchased with points. During certain boss fights, Bayonetta’s finishing moves are these overpowered, [slightly] sexual maneuvers that she uses to summon Hell-spawn familiars with her… hair.

Despite the big-and-loud technicalities of the game play, ‘Bayonetta’ is loads of adulterated fun!

Another noticeable feature of this game is the style of it. It plays a lot like a movie, with some of the cut scenes running like a stop-motion role of film tape. The graphics are fantastic, and very detailed. The stylization of each character is memorable and individual.

The plot line was surprisingly coherent. While the over-the-top-ness of the game might leave players with the impression that this game doesn’t take itself seriously, Bayonetta’s story and character development to the plot actually flows quite nicely. Not only that, but the creators psyche the player out by ‘faking the end credits’ multiple times.

While the game has a lot of sexual humor, it does it tastefully fun way. Be sure to play this game if you’re thinking on purchasing ‘Bayonetta 2!’


  • Sexual humor
  • Good mechanics
  • Looks fantastic
  • Psyches out player with plot twists


  • Gaining enough points for upgrades can be a bit of a pain
  • Not for kids
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