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Pura Naturals: The Best Cleansing Sponges for Your Face and Body

Pura Naturals


When it comes to cleansing skin, scrubbing your face until it’s red and raw is not the answer. Harsh exfoliants and cleansers can leave a negative effect on your skin, causing it to dry out and even break out. The folks over at Pura Naturals have come up with the perfect solution.

PURA NATURALS™ - Soap-Infused, Active Charcoal, 3-Pack, Face Slice$8.99
Pura Naturals

Pura Naturals Chief Executive Officer Jim Kordenbrock says that the line of cleansing sponges was created to expand on an EPA-approved foam technology designed to rapidly and effectively remove toxic pollutants from waterways through AIRTech. They created a foaming sponge perfect for exfoliating and cleansing the face and body.

Now, don’t assume that the Pura Naturals sponge can instead be swapped out for a regular household sponge with regular soap added. There are little things called mold and bacteria that your skin should avoid at all costs.

“The Pura Naturals sponges feature patented technology that repels water, unlike your typical sponge that absorbs water and can develop mold and bacteria with time,” says Kordenbrock. “The Pura Naturals sponges dry quickly and naturally inhibit the growth of unsavory odor, mold and bacteria.”

Made from a non-toxic plant-based foam, Pura Naturals sponges absorb oil and silicone. Because of its ability to pick up all hydrocarbons, the material used is ultra-effective for cleanup -- making it useful for both household cleanup and personal care.

Using the Pura Naturals body sponge leaves your skin feeling softer than ever. Some of the highlight ingredients in the sponge include coconut oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, purified water, and shea butter. The foam also has natural, healthy ingredients.

“Most importantly, the sponges feature Level Naturals vegan and gluten-free soap made from only pure plant oils, natural essential oils and extracts,” explains Kordenbrock.

The best part of these soap infused sponges is that they were never tested on animals, feature no latext, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens,phthalates and synthetic ingredients and are vega-friendly. In other words, they are non-toxic and won’t offend your skin.

Although natural and safe, Kordenbrock encourages looking at the ingredients list on the sponge packaging to ensure any potential allergic reactions are avoided. As for those wondering if their skin type would be a match for the sponges, the answer is yes.

“The exfoliating benefits of our sponges, along with the expert ability to lift dirt, oil and grime make them an option for individuals with both dry and oily skin,” says Kordenbrock.

The sponges come in a variety of scents like lavender mist, citrus splash, eucalyptus breeze and silly sea star. Plus, they won't break the bank. Another added bonus for new moms -- there is even a line of sponges for your flawless little baby. If the kitchen sponges sound even more appealing, Pura Naturals has recently unveiled a whole line dedicated to kitchen and bath cleaning sponges, all of which can be found on the Level Naturals website.