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'Puppy Powers: A Wishbone Come True' by Kristin Earhart

First book in a beginning chapter book series about a magical pet store
courtesy of Scholastic Press

Puppy Powers: A Wishbone Come True by Kristin Earhart


"Puppy Powers: A Wishbone Come True" by Kristin Earhart is a rare book -- it's a book aimed at beginning chapter readers that kids will really like to read. It's the beginning of the series, so get a kid hooked on one book and they might just be willing to read the whole series.

Lexi Torres has wanted a dog for a long time but her parents do not agree. When a new store appears in an empty storefront, Lexi is excited to see it's a pet store. And when a magical breeze carries something of hers into the store's front door, she has to go in.

The first clue that the store is magical is when Lexi and her friends see a dog and cat inside the empty store. One of them -- either the dog or the cat -- turned on the light in the store and then the dog ate the "For Rent" sign. They later find out that the owner of the store, Mr. Power, carries a mouse in his pocket. Kids will know right away that this is a very special pet store.

Lexi brings her parents into the store and watches as Mr. Power gets a puppy to sit and roll over three times. Sparkles seem to fill the air and when Lexi says she likes the puppy, magically, her parents agree that she should have it.

Luna, the puppy, is magic. But will Luna's magic be enough to help Lexi when Simon, her best friend moves away?

The story is simple but touching. It's about the power of friendship and the power of a dog's love. Both are extremely important to a child and this story will open discussion about the value of each. The book is a perfect recommendation for any child who loves animals (and don't they all?).

Please note: This review is based on the final paperback book provided by the publisher, Scholastic, for review purposes.

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